Sean Flynn

“Sean is an A++ person. He is whip smart, analytical and will take the time to dive into the details. When you are running a company there are very few people you can rely on to act as a sounding board. Sean asks great questions, understands all aspects of a deal and gives great advice without being forceful. He is always helpful.” —Zach James, Co-Founder, Zefr

Sean Flynn
Dollar Shave Club
Selected Prior Investments:

"The best entrepreneurs imagine the world as it should be and make it so. They overthrow the status quo in their quest to deliver amazing new experiences to the people who use their products."

Sean invests in consumer Internet companies that reinvent large industries dominated by slow-to-innovate incumbents. He looks to partner with entrepreneurs who have a passion for pixel-perfect products and magical customer experiences. He is interested in working with startups that target the mobile-first generation and are able to engage their users in long-term relationships across multiple devices.

He invests across consumer tech, with a particular interest in marketplace and commerce companies. He serves on the boards of next-gen labor marketplace TaskRabbit and subscription floral delivery service H.Bloom. He also serves on the board of online video monetization and distribution startup ZEFR and leads the firm's investments in Dollar Shave Club and Simple, an online bank. 

Sean joined Shasta after working at Yahoo!, most recently as a senior director of business development and business operations, where he focused on growing the company's communication and community products such as Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, Groups and Flickr. Previously he launched Yahoo's premium voice services as a product manager. Prior to Yahoo, Sean was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley, where he advised technology, telecom and media companies in New York and Singapore.

Sean holds a BA in economics from Brown University. Outside of working with great entrepreneurs, he has a passion for skiing, traveling to faraway places, and subjecting his young daughter to weekend hikes in a baby backpack.