Ravi Mohan

"Ravi really wants to be helpful. He immerses himself in our world. I've just always appreciated his approach. It truly feels like he's part of the team, not just a member of the board. It's been such a refreshing change from the typical VC." - Lyle Fong, Lithium CEO

Ravi Mohan

"The positive energy from entrepreneurs lifts my spirits."

Ravi Mohan has focused his entire career on the software business. Prior to co-founding Shasta, Ravi was a general partner at Battery Ventures, where he led eight investments and served on the boards of 12 software and technology-enabled service companies. Before that, Ravi built transaction-processing systems at Accenture, sold and implemented software applications for Hyperion Software Corp. and ran MIC, a software development firm based in India focused on selling business-intelligence solutions to multinational corporations. Ravi also spent time at McKinsey & Co. working with consumer- packaged goods companies.

Ravi is active in entrepreneurial circles and helped found the Silicon Valley chapter of the Indian Venture Capital Association (IVCA) to leverage entrepreneurial activities between India and the U.S.  Ravi holds a BS in operations research and industrial engineering from Cornell University and earned his MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

At Shasta, Ravi continues his focus on software, particularly technology-enabled services; virally adopted software; business intelligence; and data-center automation.

I love working with entrepreneurs because they’re passionate, they’re optimistic, they’re talented. The meetings I go to are all about creating change and are upbeat in nature. The positive energy from entrepreneurs lifts my spirits.

For the entrepreneurs I work with, I’m hopefully someone they can trust in both good and bad times, and also someone they can have fun with. I think the main way I can help once we’ve invested in companies is to make sure the right people are working on the right value-creation activities with the right financial plan.

And hopefully I bring some unique insight and perspective. It seems that I am able to add value to my portfolio companies in the product area to better nail down product/market fit to accelerate customer adoption.