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Typesafe was founded by the creators of the Scala programming language and Akka middleware, who joined forces to create a modern software platform for the era of multicore hardware and cloud computing workloads


3:17 PM May 26, 2015
Tech lead @StefanZeiger on Slick 3: "#Reactive Streams for Asynchronous DB Access in #Scala" http://t.co/xuFrPN5nlA http://t.co/HEeI9GzvzI
2:20 PM May 26, 2015
RT @scaladays: Can't wait for #ScalaDays June 8th! Thanks to our Gold Sponsors @jetbrains @xebia @lunatech @ordina @workday #unicredit @weh
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What’s in a name?
9:39 PM May 18, 2015
ConductR 1.0 released, now available for trial
4:44 PM May 18, 2015
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