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Typesafe was founded by the creators of the Scala programming language and Akka middleware, who joined forces to create a modern software platform for the era of multicore hardware and cloud computing workloads


9:04 PM Sep 19, 2014
RT @PredictionIO: Why @PredictionIO Loved Using Play to Build its Popular Machine Learning Server via @typesafe @playframework https://t.co…
8:53 PM Sep 19, 2014
RT @gilttech: Henrik Engstrom (@h3nk3) of @typesafe presents next week at #gilttech: http://t.co/vYKyms2TX4. Goodies by @peronibeer & @Krav
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Reactive Manifesto 2.0
2:41 PM Sep 17, 2014
Survey: Java 8 Opinions and Upgrade Plans
3:42 PM Sep 16, 2014
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