Our Process

We founded Shasta Ventures for the sole purpose of helping to build great companies. Great teams represent the cornerstone of successful companies, so getting to know you at the early stages of your company formation is important to us. Below is an outline of what you can expect during our investment decision-making process.

First, submit an overview of your business or idea to one of our investment professionals. It's best to direct this material to the partner who appears most closely aligned with your industry sector. We'll review your business idea and let you know if it could be a potential fit.

If there is interest, we'll request an initial, in-person meeting, which typically lasts about an hour. A short presentation is fine as we want to focus on your team and vision for the company. During this time we want to learn about:

  • The leadership of the company
  • Your product (a demonstration is highly encouraged)
  • Your target customer
  • The problem you solve for your customer
  • How you plan to reach customers
  • Competition
  • Market opportunity
  • Your capital requirements

After the first meeting, we'll provide feedback on the session and if there is a potential fit with our strategy. If there is a fit between our firms, we'll spend more time together to better understand your business.

If there is mutual interest in moving forward we will discuss the specific terms of how we might work together in building your company.