About Us

Who We Are

Shasta Ventures is a boutique, early-stage venture firm in Silicon Valley investing in its fourth fund in enterprise and consumer technology start-ups. We play to win and live for the thrill of entrepreneurial adventure and discovery.

What We Invest In

We invest in disruptive approaches to enterprise and consumer technology, including cloud computing, SaaS, enterprise software, consumer services, marketplaces, commerce, mobile and networked devices.

We believe we can have the most positive impact on companies when we start working with them at their earliest stages of growth, so we primarily invest in A and B rounds.

What We Look For

We support bold, creative entrepreneurs who have exceptional instincts and insights into the needs, desires and behaviors of the people who use their products, are focused on delivering end-user nirvana, and are driven to excel.

Incremental change works just fine for evolution, but in order to achieve breakout success, consumer and enterprise tech companies must be revolutionary. We look to partner with high-octane entrepreneurs who push the limits of technology, the market and existing ways of thinking—leaders who thrive on competition, invention and building new industries.

What You Can Expect From Us

At Shasta, the entrepreneur is always first.

We provide high-touch, partner-level service.

We operate with integrity and make long-term commitments to our founders and our companies. We are reliable and transparent and we create lasting relationships built on trust.

We have the courage of our convictions and boldly support our entrepreneurs, even if it means backing an unpopular belief or direction.

We are available, we listen and we provide thoughtful counsel when needed, rather than dictating or attempting to control.

We are uniquely skilled at helping startups take their products to market and build lasting brands that customers love.